FEA has transitioned to Educators Rising!

The Need
Increase the available workforce of teachers committed to Alaska. Less than half of Alaska’s teachers are prepared in-state.

The Challenge
Invite Alaska students to explore education as a potential career.

Why Educators Rising is right for Alaska now

Designed for today's high school students with a new, Alaska-specific 4-course CTE Pathway that leads students on an examination of the roles of learner, leader and teacher of others. Students who complete the pathway can join the workforce as a para-educator or continue on at a university taking coursework that will lead to teacher certification.

Spans Alaska’s vast geography with a robust national virtual community to connect students and teachers with colleagues and ideas.

Statewide effort that draws students from diverse communities and supports efforts to make best-fit matches to increase years of service in Alaska’s schools.

Districts choose a delivery model that matches existing structure and available resources.

Coordinated support beginning in high school, extending through college and into the profession from the UAF K-12 Outreach office and the national Educators Rising organization.


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What's Up?
  • FEA has transitioned to Educators Rising! Read about the changes as we make this transition:
  • Visit the 2017 Educators Rising National Conference page.
  • Upcoming deadlines:
    June 1: reserve discounted rooms for Conference.
    June 23-26: National Conference in Phoenix.
  • CTSO Planning & FEA Career Academy Was March 23-27th. Find out more about what happened on our K-12 Outreach page.
  • See more photos of the 2017 CTSO/FEA Conference and Symposium on our K-12 website.
Featured Student

Amanda Friendshuh, 2016-17 FEA
Student President, was named one
of seven recipients of the Teach for Alaska Scholarship this year. She and another member of FEA/EdRising, Megan Contreras, Nome, each received the prestegious scholarship. Read more...

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