Purchasing weapons requires some investment in CS2—and consistently tally

Regardless of whether you’re going for a group purchase, you’re getting utility, or you’re banking everything on an AWP, you need to remain on your toes. There’s defuse packs to contemplate, glimmers, smokes, and Molotov’s. On the off chance that you goof and commit an error, you’re letting yourself and your group down.

On the off chance that you need to stay away from an emergency and never need to stress over purchasing again, use purchase ties. Purchase ties let you purchase a firearm, projectile, or utility with simply the press of a catch. You can purchase the entirety of your weapons surprisingly fast, sparing valuable time.

Steps to authoritative!

  • Open your game comfort or your Autoexec
  • Type tie this order permits keys and fastens to be bound to explicit capacities
  • Enter the key you need to tie
  • At that point type in “purchase weapon name” in the event that you are in game press enter to imbroglio the key
  • Rehash this with different keys and weapons.

The snappier way

The most flawlessly awesome approach to set up purchase ties in CS 2 buy binds begin. You can tie the numeric keypad on the correct side of your console, the route keys—embed, home, page up, erase, end, and page down—the capacities from F1 to F12, and all of the mouse catches.

The conventional way

In case you can’t make an autoexec—or in case you’re apathetic and basically don’t feel like it—you can type your content physically into CS2. You can do this by entering each line of the content individually into the comfort. It’s repetitive and tedious, yet it takes care of business.

The default key for the comfort is tilde, however you can rebind it in the game’s settings. To tie each key physically, open up the support and either type or reorder each line of your content. Make sure to hit enter after each line.